The RLC mission is to build character through good sportsmanship and to emphasize athletic and academic excellence among participants through competition in the sport of lacrosse. We support the communities of San Ramon & Dublin.

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Good Sportsmanship

·         You are Raptor Lacrosse: Each of us represents Raptor Lacrosse either as a coach, parent or player.

·         Parents Support: Cheer the effort, team work and success on both teams. Tone down the cheering when your team is winning.

·         Coaches Coach: Our players need to focus on the direction from their coaches. Parents do not direct or communicate with players during games or practices.

·         Respect Others: Cheer appropriately. Do not use artificial noisemakers. Excessive noise distracts players & coaches, embarrasses the other Raptor parents and annoys the other spectators.

 ·         Feedback to Referees: Coaches are the only authorized adults to discuss plays with referees or umpires. The only acceptable feedback from parents is thanking them for their time.

Referees and umpires may approach the fans at half time to answer questions or explain a call. If so, feel free to ask & learn but please do not dispute a call or tell them how to do their job.

 ·         No Abusive Behavior: Fighting, bullying, intimidating by players, parents, coaches or volunteers is not acceptable at any Raptor game, practice or event.

 ·         Give Thanks: Coaches, referees, scorers and other volunteers deserve our respect and thanks for the countless hours they contribute to make lacrosse possible. Thank them in front of your player.

Unsportsmanlike behavior may be cause for disciplinary actions by the club. Please review our Good Sportsmanship policy at under Home / About Raptor Lacrosse.


The goal of Raptor Lacrosse is to create a nurturing environment where players learn to put forth maximum effort, become good team mates, learn to love lacrosse and learn valuable life lessons while having fun. The Good Sportsmanship policy creates the atmosphere where that can take place.

Any Raptor (player, coach, parent or volunteer), who violates the Good Sportsmanship policy listed above may be subject to the following enforcement policy.

  1. A warning issued by a coach, side line manager, team manager or board member.
  2. Repeated or serious violations will be reviewed by the Raptor Lacrosse board of directors.
  3. Depending on the severity of the incident and/or history of player(s) the board may vote to:
    1. Issue a written warning.
    2. Suspend the player or parent from practices, games or events for a specified period of time.
    3. Remove the player and family from the Raptor Lacrosse Club.