The RLC mission is to build character through good sportsmanship and to emphasize athletic and academic excellence among participants through competition in the sport of lacrosse. We support the communities of San Ramon & Dublin.

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Raptor Lacrosse Club Financial Aid Guidelines & Application


Objective:  Raptor Lacrosse Club (known as RLC) provides interested and motivated youth the opportunity to play lacrosse at the level that fits their skill and ability. RLC strives to keep lacrosse affordable, so all youth have an opportunity to participate. As such, the RLC financial aid program is intended to provide opportunities for financially disadvantaged youth players to participate in RLC programs.

Privacy: All financial aid applications and financial documentation information provided will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. For the privacy of our applicants, all documentation provided will be destroyed or returned (upon request) after the RLC financial aid committee approves or denies the request for financial aid.



 — Financial need must be demonstrated for consideration. Economic hardship will be the only factor in awarding financial aid. No one will be disqualified from consideration because of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs.

 — While we try to address as much of the need as possible, financial aid amounts will be based on the number of players demonstrating need, the extent of that need and the budget available for financial aid that year.

 — Financial aid awards will be reviewed on a yearly basis.


Criteria and Eligibility:

 To be considered you must:

 1. Complete and submit the application for Financial Aid.

2. Supply a copy of the last three pay stubs for each working parent (or proof of unemployment, EDD or Disability).

3. Include any additional documentation demonstrating financial need.



Applications received after the published deadline or are not filled out completely will not be considered. Applications must be filled out by the adult requesting financial aid and may not be filled out by coaches, team managers, children or friends. RLC will destroy all submitted financial information unless the applicant requests the information be returned. Any unpaid club fees from prior seasons will result in an applicant being ineligible for financial aid in the future.


  Raptor Lacrosse Club Financial Aid Guidelines & Application



Application of Financial aid

Financial aid is applied only to program fees and registration. Financial aid does not cover US Lacrosse membership, equipment/uniform costs, travel expenses (including transportation, lodging, and meals), or other expenses agreed upon or incurred by the team or by the individual player during the course of the program’s season. Additionally, financial aid does not cover programs outside of the regular playing season such as camps, tournaments or Learn to Lax events.


Volunteer Time: Financial Aid recipients can have their $400 volunteer deposit waived, but recipients must perform ten (10) hours of volunteer duties benefiting RLC, which may include but are not limited to games, camps, or other club events. If the financial aid recipient fails to meet the volunteer obligation, the volunteer deposit will be charged to your account.


Time Commitment and Participation:

Financial aid recipients must make reasonable efforts to attend all scheduled practices and games. Recipients must also actively participate in all team duties and activities.


Terms of the RLC Financial aid Policy: After Financial aid is awarded, the remaining balance of player registration and other applicable fees are to be paid in full per the regular payment schedule. All payments are due by December 15th. Failure to maintain good financial standing with RLC will result in a player being ineligible to participate in the player’s registered program. The RLC financial aid committee meets as needed to process applications. RLC reserves the right to discontinue financial aid at any time, if the information provided is inaccurate. Note: Financial aid is a partial award of RLC fees; parents must continue to pay a portion of the fees based on the amount of financial aid awarded.


  Raptor Lacrosse Club Financial Aid Guidelines & Application


Date: ______________

 Player Information:

(If applying for financial aid for more than one child, please list them on the last page of this application)

Name: ________________________________________ Date of Birth:__________________

Address: _______________________________________ City: _______________________

Home Phone: ________________________ Parent Cell Phone: _______________________

Email Address: __________________________________

Parent Information:

Parent or Guardian Name #1: _________________________________ Phone: __________

Address if different than above: ________________________________________________________________

Employer: ________________________________________ Email:_______________________________

Parent or Guardian Name #2: _________________________________ Phone: ___________ Address if different than above:__________________________________________________________

Employer: ________________________________________ Email:_______________________________


List all children in your household, whether or not they are registered with RLC

Name: _______________________________ Age: _________ RLC Player: Yes/No/Former

Name: _______________________________ Age: _________ RLC Player: Yes/No/Former

Name: _______________________________ Age: _________ RLC Player: Yes/No/Former

Name: _______________________________ Age: _________ RLC Player: Yes/No/Former

Do any of your children play in other sport club programs? Yes/No

If yes, please list any financial aid they receive there: _________________________________


  Raptor Lacrosse Club Financial Aid Guidelines & Application


Assessment of Need:

Is your current financial situation temporary or permanent? (Please explain)



Are you a single income or multiple income family? Single/Multiple (please explain)



In the previous year did your family or household receive benefits from any of the federal benefits programs listed?

SSI ____

SNAP ______

Free or Reduced Price school lunch ______

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ______

WIC _____

Parent #1/Stepparent’s previous year earnings: _____________________________________

Parent #2/Stepparent’s previous year earnings: ___________________________________

How many people are in your household? _______________________________ (This includes all children, adults and adult children living in the household)

Please state your reason(s) for requesting financial aid from RLC: Include additional info if needed



  Raptor Lacrosse Club Financial Aid Guidelines & Application


 Additional Player Information Requesting financial aid for:

Name: _________________________________________ Date of Birth_________________

Name: _________________________________________ Date of Birth_________________


I, the applicant, have read and agree to the terms of the RLC Financial Aid Policy and any requirements outlined on this application.

I request that (player/s)___________________________________________________ be granted financial aid by RLC. Everything I have stated in this application is true. I understand that you will retain this application in compliance with the RLC document retention policies. I agree to answer questions and supply any additional information the RLC Financial Aid Committee requests. We hereby request financial aid from RLC:


Parent/Guardian Signature Print Name

____________________________________________________________Date:___________ Parent/Guardian Signature Print Name


Submit your completed application along with copies of supporting documentation as stated under Criteria & Eligibility to:

Raptor Lacrosse Club

PO Box 3051

San Ramon, CA 94583

Attn: Financial Aid Committee

Please email to let us know that you have submitted an application. The Financial Aid Committee will email letters of acceptance or denial in a timely manner.